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About us

Works with shamanic practice, intuitive dance, body therapi and dream work.

Creates shaman drums honoring the samic / sibirian tradition.

Here is what I have to offer:
  • Shaman drums for sale.
  • To build shaman drums according to individual preferences.
  • Courses in shaman drum building.
  • Introduction og guidance in shamanic traveling.

Works with shamanic practice. Dance with shaman drums and rattles.

Counseling where I use palm reading and drumming.

Creates various kinds of rattles, feather fans and drums.

Here is what I have to offer:
  • Courses in spiritual dance rooted in shamanism and ancient oriental dance.
  • Counseling, using drum, rattle, and palm reading as "gateway" to the spiritual world.
  • Introduction og guidance in shamanic traveling.
  • Speaking about my spiritual work using shamanism, palm reading og and dance.  


Both of us have worked several years with  shamanic practice. 

At the same time we have built shaman drums and rattles for shamanic traveling and for calling on spirit helpers. Both of us learned and adapted the art of drum making from drum maker Day Feye in Norway. 

From our individual perspective we have both included the dance in our shamanic work, so that the individual physical expressions of the body in coalition with the drums and rattles become a tool for shamanic traveling as well.