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Shamanic Drums:


The work with the Shaman Drum:


The very substance in shamanism is that all life is connected and that everything has a soul. That goes for the Shaman Drum as well. Therefore a good beginning will be getting to know the Drum.


The coalition with the Shaman Drum is based on respectful relationship:

You start out by gently playing, listening and feeling your way to the knowledge of it's uniqueness. Thereby the relationship will expand until you play the Drum...and the Drum plays you!

The Shaman Drum is your tool! "a gateway to an alter reality" A fine and unique tool that requires careful treatment. The Shaman Drum is also called "the shaman's horse" as the shaman travels on it's sound.


In some native American tribes it is said that the spirit of the Drum lives in the center of the Drum. Subsequently they never play directly in the middle. 

Also it is our experience that the riches tones are to be found between the center and the rim on the Drums we build! 

Our Shaman Drums are for the most part oval, - it is our experience that this particular shape enhances the powerful resonance and optimizes the harmonics.

The suspended handle also serves to amplify "the Drums own song".   

When you acquire a Shaman Drum, we recommend that you journey and ask for knowledge of the spirit, uniqueness, and energy of that particular Drum. Take your time getting to know your Shaman Drum.


  Shaman Drum:  "The Hights of Tibet"    Price:... 2700 / 362 Euro / 265 £ / $ 408       
Size: 37 x 43 cm. Weight: 450 gram.
Materials: Reindeer hide, Frame of Pine
( Height 4½ cm. ) Handle of Moose Antler and pins of Beech wood.


Shaman Drum : "White Eagle"    Price:  3100 / 415 Euro / 296 £ / $ 470    SOLD ! 
Size46 x 57 cm.   Weight: 815 gram
Materials: Reindeer hide, Frame of Pine ( Height 7 cm.) Handel of Birch and pins of Beech wood.

  Shaman Drum:  "The Shadow of Cheetah"  Price2900 / 389 Euro / 277 £ / $ 439     
Size: 44 x 54 cm.   Weight: 690 gram.    
Materials: Reindeer hide, Frame of Pine ( Height 7 cm. ) Handle and pins of Beech wood.

  Shaman Drum:  "The Cave Drum"   Price: 3100 / 415 Euro / 296 £ / $ 470     
4555 cm.    Weight:  870 gram

Materials: Reindeer
hide, Frame of Pine ( Height 6½ cm.) Handel of Pine and pins of Beech wood.

Shaman Drum Indigo: "Luna"     Price: 3300 / 443 Euro / 315 £ / $ 482          
Size: 46 x 58 cm.    Weight: 840 gram
Materials: Reindeer
hide, Frame of Pine ( Height 7 cm. ) Handel of Silver Poplar and pins of Birch wood

Shaman Drum "The Antelope"   Price: 3000 /403 Euro/ 291 £/ $ 425  
Size 44 x 56 cm.   Weight:  780 gram
Materials: Reindeer hide, Frame of Pine ( Height 7 cm. ) Handel and Pins of Beech wood.

Shaman Drum: "Spirit of the Raven"     Price:... 3100 / 415 Euro / 296 £ / $ 470       SOLD !     
Size4548cm.    Weight:  700 gram
Materials: Reindeer hide, Frame of Pine ( Height 7 cm. ) Handel of Maple and pins of Beech wood.

Shaman Drum : "The White Reindeer"    Price2400 / 322 Euro / 236 £ / $ 362       
Size36 x 42 cm.    Weight:  490 gram
Materials: Reindeer hide, Frame of Pine ( Height 6½ cm. ) Handel of Juniper and Pins of Beech wood.

Shaman Drum : " The Llama "   Price:   3000 /403 Euro/ 291 £/ $ 425     
Size 42 x 52 cm.   Weight:  860 gram
Materials: Llama hide, Frame of Ash ( Height 7 cm. ) Handel of Beech with Honnysuckel and pins of Beech wood.


Kama Sutra Drum: "Dancing with the Peacock"    
Price:... 4500 / 603 Euro / 448 £ / $ 682       
Size: 42 x 51 cm.     Weight 650 gram.
Materials: Reindeer hide, Frame of Pine  ( Height 6½ cm. ) Handle of Ash and pins of Beech wood.

( Read more about Kama Sutra on the Rattle page.)




Shaman Drum: "The Wheel of the Sun"

"Large Drum for several people" !       

Price:  7375 / 989 Euro / 715 £ /  1043 $  

Size70 x 73 cm.     Weight: 1540 gram. 
Materials: Reindeer hide, Frame of Ash ( Height 7 cm.) Pins of Beech wood and Cord mounting for stand.

Stand: 85 x 32  Weight. 1540 gram.
Materials: Pine and Leather




Shaman Drum Indigo:  "Song of the Whale"     Price: 3300 443 Euro / 316 £ / $ 500       
Size46 57 cm.    Weight:  930 gram 
Materials: Goat Hide, Frame of Pine ( Height 6 cm.) Handel and pins of Beech wood.

  Shaman Drum: "The Warrior"     Price:... 3100 / 415 Euro / 296 £ / $ 470       
Size: 45 x 58 cm.     Weight  840 gram.
Materials: Reindeer hide, Frame of Pine ( Height 6½ cm. ) Handle and pins of Beech wood.

Shaman Drum Indigo:  "The Northern Light"    Price3300 / 443 Euro / 315 £ / $ 482    SOLD !
Size45 x 57 cm.    Weight:  940 gram
Materials: Goat hide, Frame of Pine ( Height 7 cm. )
Handel of Juniper and pins of Birch wood.



Shaman Drum : "Phoenix"    3700 / 496 Euro / 353 £ / $ 540         SOLD !
Size48 x 46 cm.    Weight:  840 gram
Materials: Reindeer hide, Frame of Ash ( Height 7 cm.) Handel of Maple and pins of Beech wood.

Shaman Drum : "Elf Dance"    Price:  4500 / 603 Euro / 436 £ / $ 637      SOLD !
Size: 46 x 58 cm.    Weight:  940 gram
Materials: Reindeer Hide, Frame of Birch ( Height 7 cm.) Handel of Birch and pins of Beech wood

Drum Sticks


  Shaman Drum Stick of Felt ... Price: 275 / 37 Euro / 27 £ / 39 $    Gives the best sound to our Drums !  


Shamanic Drums - Customer Feed Back.


Dear Erik and Susanne,
The drum arrived this afternoon - without problem and any extra charges. Thank you for helping me with this!
It is utterly beautiful I already love it :) The stick has lovely touches of indigo color and I wondered if the hairs you added were wolf's
hairs ? - Once again I would like to thank you for all these beautiful gifts and for you kindness.
All the best to both of you!
Sylvie, Fribourg. Switzerland.

Hi erik!

thank you so much for your wonderful works!!
it's amazing!!
i love this sound !!
Minsoek Kim, Sungnam, Kyunggido, The South of Korea

Erik ,Susanne
   THANK YOU! ... Drum arrived.. it's Much Better than I could hope for . We bonded this Morning by the stream .with the Morning Sun and Birds . It's Sound !.... It's truly Magic ! I can't get it's sound out of my soul. It is the beginning of a long love affair.
I want to take good care of my new friend for many many years Again Thanks.
Bill, Connecticut ,USA
(P.S I would like to order a rattle.And I will be in contact with You soon .To which oneI would like?) CHEERS

Dear Erik and Susanne,
The most beautiful drum arrived, her voice is low and the bloodline thread of wool in the drumstick tugs at my heart. A young male turkey is out clucking under the leafing butternut tree; I will follow with song when he leaves...thank you for the most beautiful gift ever, like eternal birthdays and Christmas', blessings. Torry - (Spirit of the Lily)
Victoria, Vermont, USA

Hi Erik, Susanne,

I received the drum and completely forgot to let you know right away due to my travel.. You sent me an email that you shipped it on April 17 and I received a notification from my post office on April 22 already! I wasn't able to pick it up right away because I left the town the next day, but picked it up the week after. Just want to let you know that it got to US within a few days this time.
The drum is absolutely gorgeous.. I welcomed it with the Juniper sticks you included. I loved the sound.. Thank you so much! I read the instructions and will take a very good care of it.
Thank you both for such a beautiful piece,
Anna, San Jose, USA

Thank you Erik,

Your additional information is wonderful.
And yes - as soon as I saw the picture of "The Panther" I knew she was my drum. Her name is perfect. And then when I read she was made of reindeer hide and birch I was even more convinced. And then when I read where she was made - and by who - even more so.
Thank you for your work. I'm very touched by the fact that two of the pins are from those very special trees (the old Elm and the Lightening Struck Tree).
I have one more question. What did you use to dye the hide?
Please save her for me - and I'll get this off to you.
Laurel, Minnesota, USA

Hello Erik and Susanne

The Panther has arrived safe and sound! I found myself longing for her today. I opened the door and sniffed the air - as if I could smell her on the breeze. 5 minutes later I received the notice that she was waiting at the post office. 
She is sitting in front of my ancestor altar.
Now we will begin to get to know each other.
I'm thrilled.
Thank you so much for your work,
Laurel, Minnesota, USA


Just to let you know that my BEAUTIFUL CAVE DRUM arrived this afternoon. My dog loves the smell but not touching it, laying near it.

How do I use the two pieces of wood? We usually awaken a drum with tobacco and sweetgrass.
Many Blessings of Love and Gratitude,
Marilee, Michigan City, Indiana, USA

Hello and good morning to you both.
After unpacking the drum and playing my first beat i transcended into a deep penetrating stillness. I couldn't believe the power of "Yggdrasil".
Thank you so much for creating such a powerful tool to deepen my awareness. 
I'm sure "Transformation" is an incredible piece also but i have not completed my transformation yet. I am still growing and learning everyday so i believe "Yggdrasil" is the drum for me.
I am so over powered by the deep vibrations of the drum! Really fantastic! 
My partner Katie and our 12 week unborn baby really feel the penetration of the sound. 
I will for sure be looking for another addition to the transcendental tools in the near future.
For now i have some beating to do. 
Best wishes and many thanks 
Alexander - and Katie - Great Britain

Dear Susanne and Erik,
the package with the drum arrived yesterday. And Frank was the one to accept it... that was not the plan of course, usually all packages are dropt downstairs in the cafe. But well, I guess the drum wanted to come to him directly :-) So he was sitting in front of the package like a little boy waiting for me to come home. I couldnt take it away, so we opened the package right away, even though it wasnt his birthday yet.
He loves the drum, me too in fact, I think it is a very good match. It really has a strong presence, we are very impressed by the wonderful work you do. we enjoyed the juniper a bit for the welcome, Frank will have a smoke ritual today for a proper welcome.
So altogether - many many huge thanks!! We love what you do and we are so happy to have such a special drum now with us.
All the best and many thanks
Carola, Germany






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